Breast cancer pink ribbon

Pink ribbon
2009 Race for the Cure

Over this past year, our agility community lost two wonderful women: Becky, who ran her corgi and Elizabeth, who ran her sheltie.
We sure do miss them.

Race for the Cure
Race for the Cure
Race for the Cure
We're lining up to race for the cure!! (See Elizabeth's and Becky's dogs on our banner.)
There's David, Elizabeth's husband, and the two girls, Elise and Rachel. What a wonderful family and such a sweet day.

This is after the walk. You can see me on the left and a bunch of our team, including Cynthia, our team organizer.

In the Studio, recording CD "Shine In The Moon"

Engineer Kelly Schofield & producer Kim Copeland 
Kim & me
Joe Spivey. Sometimes it just takes two...
Joe playing lead on "My All-American Boy"

 Me working
 I think Joe is getting the phone call about his Grammy nomination! No kidding. He is.
Mary Ann Kennedy, ready to sing on "Holy Ground" 
Rachel Williams in the studio-awesome vocals  on my CD, girl!

 The Next Chance I Get Girl Choir (Kim Copeland, Mary Ann Kennedy, Rachel Williams, me & Bonnie Baker)

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Live at Chili Burrito, May 3, 2008

 Back at Chili Burrito, singing a Taylor Swift song, is 5-year old Zoe Hamilton.
My agility friends, Sharon and Tammy join me for "My All-American Boy."
That's my friend Kevin Faherty joining me on the Beatles' "Paperback Writer."
I'm either singing my heart out or something was really, really funny...

Live at the Bluebird Cafe (CD Release Party), April 13, 2008

 CD Release Party...
...for "Shine in the Moon"...
...on April 13, 2008... the world-famous Bluebird Cafe in Nashville.

Live at Chili Burrito, April 5, 2008

 Once a month, on a Saturday, I've been playing @ Chile Burrito in Brentwood. It's a fun gig.
That's Laura Moxley & Olivia Scruggs, two of my students and budding songwriters.
Laura, Olivia and me.
We're joined by another of my students, Celina Torres.

A friend takes the stage... 
...while I take a break.
Hope no one is in the Witness Protection Program here...

Live at Eddie's Attic, January 21, 2008

Emily Saliers & Caroline Aiken, dear friends of mine for a long tim, singing with me on "Holy Ground" 
Emily, Caroline and me, on "Solid Ground"  
Trina & Tomi of Three 5 Human 

 Co-writer, Rachel Garlin, joins Caroline & me onstage to sing "Next Chance I Get"
 Yep, that's Mr. Eddie himself, with Emily and Three 5 Human
Emily with yours truly
The electricity in the room that night was amazing...

 All of us together, ending the evening with Emily's "Closer to Fine." A truly wonderful night.
With two members of Girlyman
Hangin' out after the show
My friend Emily, hugging on me

More Live...

 At the Crimson Room June 28 with Leslie Ellis (And Dana LaChance & Barb Carbon)
Look at the people! Leslie and I had a really nice road trip together.
My guitar students performed at the Bluebird Cafe for our summer show last July 
 Annie Mosher, Elisa Uhitt, Tommi and me at the Bluebird Cafe, March 13, 2008

 Casey Kelly, Jerry Vandiver, me, Alan Rhody & Matthew Morrow at, you guessed it, the Bluebird Cafe, for SGA night March 13, 2008
At the Bluebird with Rundi Ream, major woman with The Songwriters Guild of America

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On The Radio

 Me on Canines & Guardians radio show April 13, 2008
 Sindy Scalfi, hostess & passion behind her dog show on the radio.
 John, producer of Canines & Guardians radio show

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The Animals

3 pups 3 pups with Janet


Carson at NADAC Championships 2009, checking out the competition. See his gift bag in the foreground? Lots of very cool stuff in it!

Carson, my boy. Kim Copeland & Susan Tucker found him as a 4-mo. old puppy, lost on a hillside in Cheatham County. He and I fell in love right away! 
 Keenan. Isn't he a sweetie! (And he's as soft as he looks.) I got him from East TN Border Collie Rescue. He's wonderful!
After a run in Huntsville, AL in a NADAC competition. 
We all did great and thoroughly enjoyed our evening in the hotel before doing it all again the next day!

 Mia, my ragdoll rescue, sitting on my brand new Gretsch baritone. Too cute. Mia was rescued by Chris at the Cat Shoppe, here in Nashville.
 Keenan, wearing his High In Trial at our first Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA) trial. Way to go!
 Wyatt, sitting in a box. I adopted him & his brother, Tyler, from cat rescuer Gayle Crabtree.
Wyatt, sitting in a box. Again. 

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