From The Performing Songwriter
Volume 4, Issue 20


Musician: Janet McLaughlin
Length: 10 songs, 32 minutes
Format: Music CD
Release Date: 2008

So you're probably asking, "Why is Clean Run carrying a music CD?" We were contacted several months ago by someone who asked us to review a CD that contained a "song about dog agility." Having read one too many poorly rhymed agility poem and song submissions, we were skeptical to say the least... but we can honestly say that when we listened to Shine in the Moon, we were knocked out—not only by the song "My All-American Boy" (inspired by her agility adventures with her mixed breed, "Carson"), but by most of the album. So we wanted to share her music with other agility enthusiasts.

Janet McLaughlin is a voice to be heard and to be remembered—her acoustic-driven style is hers and mimics no one. Shine in the Moon is her third and most exciting CD. Janet's guitar work sparkles on this very engaging collection of her work. Check her out—you'll be glad you did.

From The City Paper
Volume 8, Issue 79

April 19, 2007. Al Roker visits WO Smith Community Music School as part of the Today Show's ongoing campaign to promote and encourage charitable givings. Al brought a truck load of awesome gifts, from office Post-it Notes®, to grand pianos. I had him sign one of the electric guitars he'd given us and had a moment to chat with him. I really enjoy being a part of this school and volunteering every week. The folks are awesome.

The producer asked me to get in the middle OF the crowd so I could be handed instruments as they came off the truck to keep them safe. It got pretty crazy once the guitars, banjos and other instruments started being unloaded.

This was such an awesome morning. Thanks to Al Roker and The Today Show.

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