Two years ago, shortly after production began on Shine In The Moon, I was suddently knocked out of commission by a sub-arachnoid hemorrage, a spontaneous bleed between the brain and the skull. I literally would not be here now without the love and support of my family, especially Joe and Melissa, and my many friends who stayed with me, drove me places, brought me food and prayed for me. Friends from out of town—Amy, Emily, Caroline, Eddie and Leila who helped immensely. I felt and continue to feel so blessed by the kindness and care I received over the very long months of recovery. Thanks to Kim, Susan, Kelly, Jackie and Cynthia, my co-writers and all the musicians who played and sang on my projects, and of course, Carson, Sam and all my hairy children.

I hope you enjoy my music and keep me in your ears and hearts for many years to come.


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