Janet would like to offer you a free download of the title track of her latest CD, Shine in the Moon.
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Single: Shine in the Moon

Produced by Kim Copeland Productions
Janet McLaughlin/Muddy Paws Productions

CD: Shine in the Moon


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Song list:
  • Holy Ground
  • In My Perfect World
  • First Day of Summer
  • Whole New World
  • Whispered Prayer
  • My All-American Boy
  • Next Chance I Get
  • Where I Belong
  • Greensleeves
  • Shine in the Moon
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Order your personalized All American Boy (or Girl) song!
Janet with her All Americans
Janet with her All Americans
Janet with her All Americans
Janet with her All Americans
Janet with her All Americans

My manager talked with my producer and my producer talked with my engineer and we all talked to Carson, of course, and we have come up with a very cool and unique opportunity for everyone. You can now have your very own personalized copy of All American Boy. It may be just the right gift for your... Geez! Buy it for your DOG! Can you imagine the look on his face when he hears his name being sung?!?  

The orders have started, so please, join in on the fun. This could be the best award yet!

Here’s how it works:

Janet will go back into the studio and re-sing, My All American Boy to include your dogs name instead of Carson’s.  And we’ve got a fix too for those female agility competitors–your version will be, “My All American Girl.”  It will be recorded onto a personalized CD and mailed to you.

In most cases we are able to get into the recording studio pretty quickly and have your song to you within a couple of weeks. The studio's schedule is out of our hands, so please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery.
Personalized CD of All American Girl

We are offering a special dog-lover's price of $150!
(and we'll even pay for shipping)

Simply mail your check, payable to Janet McLaughlin, to:

Janet McLaughlin
c/o Copeland/Tucker Management
1010 16th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37212

Be sure to include a note with your dog's name, sex and the address where you would like the CD sent.

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(There is a 3% Paypal fee)

What is your All American's name?

Is your All American a male or a female?

Which version of the song would you like? (USDAA or NADAC)

Where should we send the CD?


Street Address (include apt or suite #, if applicable):


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>>>>>> GROUP DISCOUNT <<<<<<

If you want to get several members of your group together and order, we can save you money!

5-9 personalized versions - $125 each
10 or more versions - $100 each

NOTE: No Paypal available for group orders. Just drop us an email at ctmgmt@aol.com to make arrangements.

Published by Guitar School of Nashville
P. O. Box 121833
Nashville, TN 37212

Book: Exploring Music Fundamentals
by Janet McLaughlin




We are surrounded by music—it is everywhere, from the elevator to the stadium. This book is designed to explain the basic language of music. The symbols and terms may feel foreign at first, but as the pieces sstart to fit, your understanding will deepen. Songs you have heard all your life will have more depth.

The focus is for the music professionial and anyone wanting to know more about this universal art form.

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Janet's critically acclaimed CD: Dancing
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